Classic powder filled with premium fat provides a great alternative to whole milk powder. normal; Given the current trend towards cost-effective powdered milks, Classic Fat Filled Instant Powder offers a great alternative to whole milk powder. It is produced by spray-drying a mixture of pasteurized fresh skimmed milk and vegetable fat. The resulting powder is characterized by exceptional solubility and a rich milky flavor. Classic premium instant fat filled powder reaches many parts of the world through our extensive network of direct selling organizations, distributors and resellers. Due to the year-round milk production in the Netherlands, we can guarantee availability.

Powdered milk contains as many nutrients as fresh milk. It is rich in bone-building nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin A. Children under two should not drink skim milk or milk made from skim milk powder. , because it does not contain enough fat for healthy growth. Children aged 9 to 24 months should be given homogenized milk (3.25% fat).