The agricultural production and agro-food systems of a country depend on many factors, such as state policy, ecological potential, technological level, the skills of agricultural producers and their initiatives.

Food self-sufficiency is an objective of the food policy of the government of Senegal. With its experience and its commitment to take up the challenge, the CMGA, through modern and sustainable agriculture, has embarked on rice cultivation since 2015 with the KAROLINA brand.

Indeed, the CMGA is working to develop the potatoes, onions, beans and tomatoes etc. sectors, with the aim of absorbing as many young people as possible towards modern agriculture.

The productive potential of a land is determined by soil and climate conditions, and by the level of inputs and management applied to this resource. The type of inputs, their quantity and timing also have a major effect on yield.

The CMGA’s mission is to transfer the best agricultural practices and technologies to Senegal in order to guarantee us the yields and a consequent return on investment.