M. mamadou ndiaye


Holding a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Finance and Logistics chain from American universities, he came back by patriotism to participate in the development of his country.

Through his commitment and rigor, he has been able to impose himself and thus made Mamadou Ngoné Agro-Industries Company (CMGA) a leader in mass distribution. 

CMGA is a transversal company which is active in several fields of activity: Agriculture, Industries, Cash and Carry, Modern Trade




Created in 1953by the founding father El Hadj Mamadou Diallé NdiayeCMGA (former CCSN2: Comptoir Commercial Sope Nabi until 2021) is a manufacturing and distribution company of foodstuffs, cleaning products and various other products, located in the industrial zone Sodida. 

With a coverage on the whole national territory, CMGA has a leading position in the large-scale distribution and agricultural production in Senegal.




Our core business is the large-scale distribution of food and cleaning products in the Modern Trade, Wholesale, Half-Wholesale and retail circuits.  From food distribution and miscellaneous, we import several hundred containers of finished products for distribution in the Modern Trade, Wholesale and semi-wholesale circuits throughout the territory.

CMGA is the best option for product distribution in Senegal.

We bring you an experience of more than 70 years with a logistic park and experienced and very large sales staff.



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